Have You Tried Him and Proved Him

The best evangelism strategy begins with one soul interaction with the Holy Spirit. The
question was asked what does it mean to be Holy Spirit interactive. Good question and to
be truthful it�s something personally I would like to know a great deal more in this area.

I remember my old pastor saying try God and prove Him. He would say if you are a
theologian, which simply measures one who studies God to substantiate His word to be
authentic or is it really false. So the mission was determined, to understand what it means
to become Holy Spirit enriched.

It is written Moses, talked to God like a man talks to his colleague. If this is confirmed that
God wants to interrelate with you and I. With the Lord indulging in my daily activities, isn�t
this where it all starts. Not at the moment of salvation as I received Christ as my personal
savior, No-No-No.

It�s the position where I in all honesty desire to serve Him as in Isaiah 6:8, where Isaiah
answers God saying Lord send me�.  Not merely in Sunday school or the choir or every
meaning of maintaining the service at my local church.

This is where the turning point begins, when I can start to really comprehend God and
genuinely commune with Him, to pursue my objective that He has for me or for the any
task before my hand.

In the manuscript of  Revelation 3:20; it says �Look I stand at the entrance and knock, If  
you hear my voice and open the door,  I will come in, and I will share a meal with you and
you with me� NLT  The old king James version says I will sup with you and you with me.
God is saying I will sit down and dine with YOU share a intimate moment with you. This is
the exclamation goal to start your Holy Spirit interaction.

Now connecting this moment of accepting Christ and at this moment, may possibly be 50
years for some. I mean we go through a lot of wondering what going on, and at times it
could take some days, years even a lifetime.

When all we need to make sure of, is believe what His Word is saying to us and regarding
us! But until we decide that it was not my intuition, something didn't tell me and
coincidence had nothing to do with it, and decision will never be made.

It was God all along as in Revelation 3:20 who is getting our attention. Or will that 5, 10,
25  or 50 years of time resume as it did previously, with us wondering and not having the
faith that is given to us.

First we must tune our hearing to pay attention to that still calm voice, don�t harden you
heart and consideration, but give attention for His voice and it will turn out to be clear as a
bell who is speaking in our lives.

When we realize these small things, immense things are waiting to take place for us and
to us. Maybe we favor listening to that other wavering giving voice, that has been such a
horrendous distraction is our lives. However take note below to a few ideas to tune those
ears to hear His voice, the Judge of all the heavens and the earth.

  • He is sent but to guide us into all truths John 16:13- at this point this is really
    something when you think about it, all truths even what Stands around the corner,
    which could be advice or great rewards.  You want to hear more about this.

  • To remind us that the victory is ours and abundant living is in our hands, take a
    good look at your hands, go ahead and take a look. God told Moses what is that in
    your hands�when Moses had a moment of uncertainty. 1Cor.15:57

  • All good gifts come from above James 1:17- it can be no one else, even down to
    our thoughts, but be careful and try God and prove Him. �My sheep hear my voice

  • That, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will supervise your paths. Prov. 3:6

  • Not to harden our hearts when the Almighty (and you recognize it is He), talks to
    you and you chose not to pay attention. Heb. 3:8

  • Most significant the Holy Spirit reminds us all that the Lord Jesus Christ has said, of
    course if you haven�t read everything you might not know anything

These are but a few thoughts to persuade us and that present is a remarkable time to
come for those that darn to try God and demonstrate that His Word is God and He can be
no shorter that it is written.

I challenge you to become more Holy Spirit interactive and watch you faith soar and you
will witness angels ascending and descending on the one who is willing to be more of what
God intended for us all to develop into.

T. Nathan
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