Powerful Medicine - Becoming Holy Spirit Interactive
God chooses you to participate a part in helping distribute His tremendous gift of mercy and
grace by reaching out to save a soul. It says in James 5:20, "he that saves a soul hides a
multitude of sins".

This powerful tool is a gift put in our hands from God to share with all others that we come in
contact with in our every day lives, such as at grocery stores, gas stations, while running errands
et cetera.

This may perhaps seem like a arduous job, but it doesn't have to be when you gain knowledge
of a few tactics and techniques and most importantly, work in conjunction with heaven by
becoming more Holy Spirit interactive.

This takes a person with patience and a yearning to listen and obey God's still quiet voice in
their hearts educating who to choose and how to make contact with them.

It all starts with reaching out in love and understanding. Think concerning your testimony and
how you were buried in your multitude of sins until someone reached out to you. Also think in this
area how much of a miraculous effect that has had in your life.  Use your history as
motivation to share the same miracle with others.

Some Christians make the incorrect idea that everybody has an correct impression about the
Bible and Jesus, as it seems so widespread throughout our culture. But this is a Fabrication told
by the devil to keep you from reaching out to that very person who may well know totally
nothing in relation to Jesus' saving grace.

Some maybe familiar with a a small amount of mutual Bible accounts from childhood not knowing
the factual lesson they ought to have learned from them or may have been told about Jesus but
in the incorrect way, even in a way that may have turned them away, instead of on the road
to salvation.

You may be apprehensive about coming on too strong or perhaps offending or running the
person away if you commence conversation about Christ salvation right away. But you don't
have to start out with a sermon.

A simple loving and caring conversation can lead to you sharing your church information or
inviting them to a church function or even a friendly outing of just you two together.

Let the person know that you love and care for them initially, through your willingness to listen to
them, pray with them and help them all you can. By showing your love through action, it will
eventually move them to realize Jesus love in you and make them desire that love, as
well and in time arrive to know Christ and cover their multitude of sins.

Statistics show that people are intrigued to know more about what you have to say about God
and the Lord Jesus Christ. The media has bombarded the earth with the pessimistic side of life
and this is advertised to them daily.

People have a natural aspiration to be blessed and hunger to know what they should do and
why. It is encouraging to know that the Lord wants to bestow them the finest life has to offer, an
abundant life.

God wants to care for them, as He has promised in His Word, but we need to know what those
promises are. Surely that takes a little time and study to find out how much God loves them. God
is a Holy God and should extinguish sin, which means blood has to be shed before sin can be
forgiven. Our sins must be covered to be saved, and that very grace abounds and qualifies us
for His promises.

How many souls did you bring to Christ this week, this month or this previous year.  Some
believers may possibly have helped passed out food or participate in other activities sponsored
by their church on Wednesday and Sunday, however the Almighty is saying to us in Isaiah 6: 8,
Whom shall I send, and who will proceed for us?

Reaching out to people is a way of life for Christ, everyday while He was walking the earth, was
His mission to save that which was lost and share the love of God.

It shouldn't be a challenge for us to reach out to our fellow man everyday while we are qualified
to be Holy Spirit Interactive and by learning what to say and as to witness to people, as well as
what to say as God creates the chance.

Becoming a fisher of men as Jesus wants for us, is not a challenge when you have the desire to
grow to be more compliant to God's Holy Word. We ought to be looking forward to future
adventures as the Holy Spirit is more effective in our lives.

T. Nathan
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