Faith Shield Mission
Learn About the Faith Shield Process  
The Faith Shield Process is Simple:

  • Wear the Faith Shield Garment Pin (optional)
  • Activate the believer to full devotion with the Faith Shield Workshop
    (holiness and the great commission)
  • Raise the believers commitment level with Faith Building Scriptures
  • Love people more by building new relationships to know if they are saved!
  • Learning what to say to evangelize for day to day contact
  • Learn the importance of touching the lives of people we contact everyday
  • Set goals to win souls for Christ
  • Establish small group for continued enrichment   
The Faith Shield Evangelizing Workshop is easy to start and can be
a great addition to any Christian church program or utilized at home.

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Let People Know up Front and Personal
Where You Stand In Christ
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There must be a stronger appearance the church can display for others to take notice to
remember our Lord.  We also need to help believers increase their faith as well as our own.  
Wearing the Faith Shield means a visual presence is close, encouragement is up front and
personal, and one who loves the Lord Christ is here to comfort, as well as offer the plan of
salvation, invite to bible class, worship service, or upcoming events.

"As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so must
the Son of Man be lifted up"  John 3:14

Let us also be reminded that our adversary (Satan) uses every means necessary to
exploit and advertise his demeaning works.

Have you not noticed how Satan is advertising and teaching a deviant way of life, using such
media avenues such as:

Television       Magazine Publications        News Paper Publications        Video Games

Internet              Radio                   Music                      Fashion                     Books  

These venues that many have fallen accustom to and take for granted are being used against
us! Exposing each of us to profane language, offensive nudity, perverted sexually
preferences, demonic and witchcraft teachings, violence, family disrespect and destruction,
marriage disrespect and destruction and more!

Believers, do we merely stand by and let Satan have his way with the World?  Or do
we FIGHT together using the armor of the Shield of Faith as one of many Christian
weapons against Satan and to remind people what
Christ died for and why!      
"Love of a Man... Love of a
Woman... Did God forget
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