Hearing Is Believing
Holy Spirit Interactive

Go into all of the world and preach the good news to each creature! You tell me, is evangelism
designed for you. I would say whether you consider yourself brand inexperienced or not. This is
what it ultimately comes to, growing to the place of sharing the gospel, to reach agreement or
disagree this is a mighty Operation of becoming Holy Spirit Interactive.

The real deal is how do you deal with the concern you hold of it. What will you say to persons and
not look like a quantity of bizarre soap box extremist in the master plan for evangelism.

Well the answer is plain and down-to-earth, love individuals more. Just speak to them and don�t
be troubled to bring up the topic of the gospel. First remember what Jesus said; draw closer with
me and I will appoint you fishers of men.

Jesus taught this and you can discover it very simply, initially by loving people more than you
execute right at present. When you love people more you will talk to them universally you go by
just saying hello and as the Holy Spirit gives you the chance, there is more to build upon a friendly

This is the fundamental issue, getting your advice from the Holy Spirit and working closer with
heaven. Part of your training will occur from learning to hear His voice and the other will happen
from developing the mind-set to produce new acquaintances, through small five minute
conversations. There is more to it, but becoming wise as  serpent and humble as a dove comes
through very clear-cut learned techniques.

Some people you say hello to, will respond and some will not the way you expect. In any case this
is where it all begins, loving people sufficient to be concerned and know for yourself, if they know
the Lord and has excepted Him as their person savior. We come in contact with people every day
and don�t realize that it could simply be a word of faith from us, to enhance someone's faith in
God through Jesus Christ.

Can you believe this uncomplicated method of sharing your faith can spin a person from despair,
disbelief or puzzled person to a baptized believing brand new soul? The truth is we hold no
perception what a person might be going through. When we tap into the spiritual side of our being
and since we have received Jesus Christ, (1 Corinthian 2:14) the Holy Spirit is forever by our door
sharing instructions of who we ought to talk to as well as  a host of other answers we are looking

Let�s merely stick to hearing His voice in support of evangelism sake for now. This is what is
intended by working in conjunction with heaven. Imagine standing in the throne room of God
Himself and being given a task to execute.

You standing in all the slender of God�s presence, not to bring up the splendor of the angels on
all sides of about His throne, with the floor like a gleaming golden glass with every precious jewel
and gem, merely read Isaiah 6:1-8 in support of a better observation.   

Yes, loving people and hearing the Holy Spirit�s voice is a start.  There is more education of this
master plan evangelism and approach to enjoy, simply type in http://thefaithshield.org for more info
on this issue.  

The question, is evangelism for me, certainly it is, but the final decision rests with you and the Holy
Spirit�s voice that stands at your door waiting in support of you to allow Him in. This is one
ultimate road to becoming Holy Spirit Interactive.

Thank you and God bless.
T. Nathan
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