The Faith Shield Fundraiser Made Easy!
Inside you'll  receive:

  • a display of the Faith Shield Pins in full color
  • fund raiser Made Easy instructions for a fast start
  • master order form to tally all sales from all participates
  • an order form for individual orders of those involved
  • a free decal to display in your car windows
  • Sample non & Personal tract cards
  • mission statement to tell why we run this race
  • 2 Faith Shield pins 1 gold and 1 silver

Your Cost                                Suggested Price                         Revenue Earned

200 x $3.00 = $600.00             200 x $5.99 = $1198.00               $598.00

750 x $3.00 = $2250.00           750 x $5.99 = $4492.50               $2242.50
751 x $2.74 = $2057.74           751 x $5.99 = $4498.49               $2440.75

3000 x $2.74 = $8220.00         3000 x $5.99 =  $17970.00           $9750.00
3001 x $2.24 = $6722.24         3001 x $5.99 =  $17975.99           $11253.75        
This is the 1st level of earnings, the 2nd is even better. First things first.
Refer as Many as Possible and Compound Your Efforts!

1 - 750  pins    
751 - 3000  pins     
3001 - 5000  pins      
5001 & up        

savings  per pin   $2.99         
savings  per pin   $3.25         
savings  per pin   $3.75      
savings  per pin   $4.00       

$3.00   cost per pin
$2.74   cost per pin
$2.24   cost per pin
$1.99   cost per pin
Revenue Benefits of the Faith Shield Pins:
Get Started with Your Fundraiser and
Advertise Jesus Christ Today!
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The First Step - Organize using the Faith Shield Financial Benefit Program for your
youth group. Set church/organization goals for your group/s for trips, supplies,
equipment, etc. Just follow the Financial Benefits Made Easy Program with the youth
working in an evangelistic sponsorship.

Order Evangelism
Tract Cards and establish your order sheets at least 7-10 in
advance to have for your start date for participates to have in place for starting your

The Second Step -  Get adults participation and involvement with their youths in this
program. Love is a most excellent motivating factor. The parents will do anything to help
their children succeed. The youth will lead their parents to get orders from their parents
friends, relatives, and neighbors. This is a great way to get more believers to wear the
Faith Shield pins and Advertise Christ.

The present of GOD is felt when we show our belief in our Lord and
Savior in our communities not just in our churches. ADVERTISE CHRIST

FINANCIAL BENEFITS MADE EASY - It is best to order display pins at a reduced rate
to show customers the quality of the pins. Order sample pins before your start date.  
Display pictures of the pins are provided in full color in the membership section at www.  Sample pins may be ordered at a reduced rate of $2.00 up to 500
pin, after which the price goes down;
( Call for special rates on samples)
  • Print Order Sheets
  • Order the Free Evangelism Cards with verses

         1) Schedule a Meeting for Your Fund raiser
         2) The Meeting tone should be Set with the Purpose which is to Advertise Christ
(make copies of mission statements and pass them to participants in your youth group)
This helps strength their mental purpose along with your ideas.
        3) Participants should understand that the reason is to make HIS presence felt
throughout the community, by the sight of a over abundance of the visual aid of the
Holy Spirit pins and Evangelism cards or at least the sight of Advertising Christ.
        4) Let them know that Satan advertises and makes his presence felt. We should  
be more of an influence in the world. It can be felt by wearing your Faith Shield pin. (
Try it for yourself)
        5) Goals should be made - ask participants to set individual goals and set a  
group goals.
        6) After goals have been set, distribute order sheets and copies of mission
        7) Set starting date and finish date - monies should be collected by finish date or
when orders are taken. It is suggested 2 weeks is a normal time for people to keep their
excitement a concentration (you decide what's best for you).
        8) Write their names on the master order form and how many sheets they plan
to take. This will help keep track of participants. After orders are returned from your
participants you may impute orders on line at the web site, by fax or order by phone.
        9) Your Revenue Earned will be taken off the Top! The balance will order the
pins allow 7-10 days for the pins to arrive. Payments can be made via credit cards,
debit cards or by Pay Pal.
        10) All shipping is free of charges.


THE REVENUE BENEFITS OF THE PINS         1st level of Earnings:

1 -  750    pins           savings  per pin   $2.99        $3.00  cost per pin
751 - 3000  pins            savings  per pin   $3.25        $2.74  cost per pin
3001- 5000  pins           savings  per pin   $3.75        $2.24  cost per pin
5001 & up                      savings  per pin   $4.00        $1.99  cost per pin

Examples:  YOUR COST         Suggested Price              Revenue Earned

200 x $3.00 =   $ 600.00        200 x $5.99 =    $1198.00           $   598.00
750 x $3.00 =   $2250.00       750 x $5.99 =    $4492.50           $ 2242.50
751 x $2.74 =   $2057.74       751 x $5.99 =    $4498.49           $ 2440.75
3000 x $2.74 = $8220.00     3000 x $5.99 =  $17970.00           $ 9750.00
3001 x $2.24 = $6722.24     3001 x $5.99 =  $17975.99           $11253.75