Holy Spirit Interactive

There is a cold spirit in the air and it's not because the temperature has dropped outside
this morning or a chill has dug down into my bones. I receive my initial quiver while being
glued to my television set. A news documentary was discussing the widespread
occurrences and effects of harassment in our Education systems across this nation.

The cause and effect shows a extreme need in support of Holy Spirit Interactive behavior
from the believers in Christ. The Broadcast continued with the news concerning the death
of our youth, as young as eleven years old by the method of suicide. There is a spirit in
the air that is going unrecognized as we go on with our day after day activities.

I have seen this spirit previously while it seemed in almost pandemic portions with the aim
of young girls joined the fade to become a gay, again across the nation. It looked as if a
great amount of the girls in High school decided it was fashionable to match up
themselves with another female. Before that there was the scourge proportion of
murdering prostitutes in several of our cities.

It seems to be constantly something happening and although the blame is pointed a few
persons. There is surely something in the air that follows a demoniac spirit. And it's time
for the sleepers to awaken.

Discerning the spirit is the first business to recognize and then happen to involved in
understanding we must be more spiritual in our daily lives. We are of mind, body and
mostly spirit, with our spirit being the strongest of the three.

Because we have a great spiritual aspect to ourselves and this is where our strength lies
inside us, we should to be more involved and more Holy Spirit Interactive. Discerning what
is good and evil, not by the people but what spirit are people following.
You see near are solitary two main spirits, they are Gods Spirit and the spirit of
destruction and death.

Becoming Holy Spirit interactive affords us the good fortune to truly sustain the path to
victory in this life and the one to come. Jesus said once I depart I will send the comforter
and He will guild you into all truths.

So many are falling for the deception in live, so as these spirits look like our mother,
father, relative and acquaintances it can be testing.
This is why we desire to stay in tune and link up to the true vine and hear the voice of
truth constantly speaking to us, that we may be directed in all aspect of our lives to sort
out the things most excellent in support of us.

Being glued to the television that evening and listening to the disappointment about the
tragic occurrence of the death of an eleven year old, because of someone constant effort
of bulling him.

It because quite obvious that this young person was listening to the incorrect spirit, that
told him to take his own live instead of how to fight for it. When we ourselves don't take
advantage of becoming Holy Spirit Interactive, we will discover that the decisions we make
will lead to a lot of disappointments.

Moreover the Lord could make use of our help as He said to Isaiah in Isaiah 6:8, "who will
go for us" and Isaiah answered the call. The call is to tune our ears to hear the voice of
the Holy Spirit that we may share with others in need to understand God is precisely an
earful away.

The greater perception at this time is to first help ourselves by answering the
advantageous, encouraging, empowering voice of God sharing the truth that only the
believer can hear (let me indicate that out first)  then receiving what we seek everyday
being involved in interaction with the huge himself.

In sharing more about how we may tune our listening ear to hear of His voice visit
http://TheFaithShield.org. What can be better than Holy Spirit interactive or Interactivity in
our lives.

T. Nathan
Holy Spirit Interactive- Discerning the Spirits
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